656 – Topics


00:03 Viral spiral: no end to COVID-19 shutdown, self-inflicted political disaster, contrast between medical establishment and front-line health care professionals, social distancing, wearing masks, justifying future lockdowns, debate over hydroxychloroquine, YouTube deplatforming, Donald Trump reveals his taking of hydroxychloroquine

15:10 Case study: media campaign against hydroxychloroquine, Lancet study on hydroxychloroquine, using ‘science’ as action determinant, political decisions based on philosophy, parallels with climate change and cannabis legalization, new information about SARS CoV-2 virus spread, cases and caseloads reported as bad news,

34:40 New wave virus: second wave of viral spread expected, second wave of shutdowns, leftist approach to crisis caused by leftist politics

48:35 Inalienable: COVID-19 virtue signaling, altruism and sacrifice, resenting sacrifice while preaching it, calls for police action on people failing to distance, inalienable rights, life liberty property pursuit of happiness, freedom’s conditions, equality, herd immunity, worst yet to come

59:42 END