657 – Topics


00:03 Protesting the lockdown: argument from authority, ominous threat of China, George Floyd riots, the issue behind hydroxychloroquine, continual extensions of lockdown, WHO suspends testing hydroxychloroquine

14:22 Blinded by science: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, Vancouver May 24 protest against lockdown, using science as determinant of moral actions, obeying science, hydroxychloroquine and zinc, tested evidence versus the evidence of experience, no proof of effectiveness of social distancing, science is not disinterested, John Macmurray on the nature of science

33:15 Cut it short: the COVID-19 shutdown haircut dilemma, business fear of government, wearing masks, irrational re-opening guidelines issued to businesses, our age of fear

43:30 Social circles: protest voices of sanity, the demoralizing and harmful mainstream media, the nature of state oppression, David Menzies at Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park, social circles in the park, police as educators, the successful Japan model

59:42 END