659 – Topics


00:03 Authoritarian control: closed schools due to COVID-19 and teacher strikes, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Bartholet, calls for a presumptive ban on home schooling, challenging parental authority, state control of the nation’s children, education system responsible for current wave of irrationality, coming political conflict between parents and state over children, homeschooling advantages, socialization, forced indoctrination, post-COVID state schooling plans, isolation, homeschooling resistance, babysitting function, cultural cohesion through education, curriculum standards, resources available on line

14:15 Reading interests: proof of education essentials, registration for homeschooling, parental responsibility for children’s education, structured reading, self-interest as a motivator, homeschooling versus unschooling, unschooling abandons structure, structured home schooling, attention span, lockdown on resources, age of irrationality, sex education

30:25 Learning to think: the right to an education, no state obligation to educate, parental obligation to provide education, the right to health care, official fear of home schooling, government education standards, testing the system – not the student, Ayn Rand on education, equipped to deal with reality, theoretical and conceptual required, must be taught to think, progressive schools, scaring the kids, homeschooling stats, success for every student, grade specific

46:30 Homeschooling experience: history of homeschooling, enactment of compulsory attendance laws brought end to homeschooling, industrialized education, issues of morality, Christian values versus secularism, formal schooling harms many children aged 8-12, COVID19 shuffle, mainstream culture, progressivism as education moral code, schools as monitors of child abuse, home schooling a necessary supplement to formal schooling, COVID-19 lockdown promotes homeschooling

59:42 END