660 – Clips & Credits


(A) My Favorite Spy, Bob Hope (Mister White voted Republican)
(B) Matt Christiansen, June 13 2020, (Rush Limbaugh Vs the Breakfast Club)
(C) Glenn Beck, June 19 2020 (Where is your voice?)
(D) Steven Crowder, June 18 2020 (Felony murder charge)
(E) Steven Crowder, June 18 2020 (Forcing the issue)
(F) The Whitest Kids You Know (circa 2010) (Anarchy!)
(G) Akkad Daily, June 18 2020, Carl Benjamin (Never bend the knee)
(H) Merv Griffin Show, 1966, George Carlin (Communists in state)

Hosted By: Bob Metz