660 – Topics


00:03 Hatred of the good: hatred of the good, organized protests and violence, living in unprecedented times, Black Lives Matter (BLM), ANTIFA, history repeating, BLM is racist and fascist, systemic racism, definitions of racism, white skin as symbol of Western values

18:15 Politics of racism: systemic racism does not hold up to scrutiny, policing versus the police state, the police force, Canada practices systemic racism, systemic prejudice against white male, BLM’s inherent racism and hatred of white people, irrationality as policy, Democratic Party the party of racism, all racism is on the Left, threats of violence, fear of speaking out against BLM injustice, Left versus Right

37:55 Conservative cowardice: coming civil war, Ayn Rand on conservatism, American way of life is capitalism, conservatives fail to defend capitalism, the relevance and significance of Ayn Rand, recommended book by Ayn Rand

48:50 Original Skin: taking a knee, the concept of original sin as applied to skin color, Adolf Hitler’s philosophy of ‘original skin’, Ayn Rand on Original Sin and on the hatred of the good for being the good, conflict of values not races

59:42 END