666 – Topics


00:03 Sinister trends: following orders without question, Ontario COVID-19 stats, not cases but trends, COVID testing and tracing, mandatory inoculation, premier abandoned chair, allowing medical professionals to call the shots, unaccountable Ontario premier, thought free life, utopia, heaven on earth, ending the garden of Eden, question authority, Randy Hillier on Ontario Bill 195

13:20 Tempted by the garden of Eden: history of fear-inducing political catastrophes, coronavirus pandemic makes it personal, creating divisiveness in community, COVID shaming, political garden of Eden, spiritual gain, forced altruism, psychological fear, social media controls and shut downs

26:45 Ethical cancer: let us alone, an active role for government on censorship, four branches of philosophy, on metaphysics you go by the data, predictions are invalid for government decision, personal experience with model projections, predictive validity, only the past can be modeled, future cannot be modeled, doctors must be fascist, official doctors versus front line doctors, refusal to prescribe hydroxychloroquine, the road to truth, what is the nature of those being governed, sacrifice for the sake of others, inability to hold others accountable for deaths blamed on viral transmissions, zero accountability, the ethical cancer

40:30 The Two D’s: targeting the business community, turning business owners into government agents, government COVID education plan, motives uncertain, personal experience with restaurant – Symposium, a criminal outcome, no possible reason for lockdown, preventing individuals from surviving, Left and Right distinctions based on views of humanity, the two ‘Ds’ – Defeating human nature, Defending human nature, original sin, life as its own end, myth of the fallen angel, envy towards producers, Leftists opposed to charity, a war against capitalism, consumer society, producer society, nature to be commanded must be obeyed, Leftists regard humans as unnatural, back to the garden of Eden, winning or losing, losers can’t win, no one will ever win an eternal battle, things looking grim for freedom, U.S. election will be barometer of public mood, constitutional expression, Just Right show plug, myth of re-setting the economy

59:42 END