668 – Topics


00:03 Worst year of our lives: half of Canadians surveyed consider 2020 worst year of their lives, governments planning to launch second pandemic and more lockdowns, hydroxychloroquine, Bill Gates, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, offering others a voice, it can happen here

15:00 The law of rule: Australia’s laws of rule, mandatory vaccinations, fake news media, saving lives not the government’s objective, Australia’s police state, mandatory vaccines not just for COVID-19, replacing the rule of law with the law of rule,

35:05 New normal: incompetent and evil politicians, Australian experience as example of the new normal, fascism’s supporters are its victims

46:40 Infecting the world with ideas: Why bad ideas take root, August 1 mass protests in Berlin, German mainstream media lies about protest, over one million in protest, protests scheduled in Berlin and Ottawa on Aug 29, globalists bypassing sovereign governments and constitutions, Ontario’s College of Trades, we’re not in this together

59:42 END