673 – Topics


00:03 Leftists in disguise: Conservatives: conservatives and fascism, Ontario premier Doug Ford, London Mayor Ed Holder, mainstream news examples of conservative fascism, using COVID-19 to justify undemocratic legislation, Conservatives relish COVID-19 more than Liberals, philosophy of altruism destroys conservative base, Ford and Holder deliberately harming citizens, society is mainly altruistic, fallacy of government ‘education,’ history of Leftist Conservative policies, Liberals are cronies, Conservatives are fascist, punishing the entire population for actions of a few, tactics of divisiveness

16:55 False hopes: the rise of anti-capitalist conservatism, Terence Corcoran, misconception that conservatives are capitalists, calls for major industrial policy intervention as foundation for future conservative economic policy, fascist conservatives sell false hope to those on the right, competing capitalism definitions, government, only enters social realm when someone violates rights of others, isms as impositions on free individuals, manipulating language and epistemology, Marx polarized freedom against statism

32:15 Were we ever free? Just Right on shortwave, was Canada ever free?, illusion of freedom, conscription, temporary federal income tax act, Canada fascist, John Macmurray on freedom, security and fear, freedom and reality, no security except in freedom, fear is the virus, rational rules versus irrational rules, government as justice versus government as politics, purpose of government to protect freedom of choice, politicians not philosophical or principled, drift to the Left, capitalism as an ism, conservatives lacking concepts to advocate freedom, capitalism still the unknown ideal

47:05 Obliteration of dissent: COVID-19 shutdown and significance of polarization, Credibility and Polarization by Ayn Rand, intellectual polarization versus existential polarization, political direction not changed in over a century, Doug Ford’s twitter feed, Nazi playbook, playing on fear, how did Germany elect Hitler?, conservatives still associated with fascism, fascism associated with right, left uses labels against right, pejorative use of polariztion as anti-concept, creating division, honest people manipulated, honest people misled by loose verbage, Doug Ford – from fool to evil, Ayn Rand’s solution – intellectual polarization, intellectual ammunition

59:42 END