677 – Topics


00:03 Ideologues against ideas: massive YouTube censorship, Amazing Polly deleted from YouTube, YouTube warnings as a confession, the Left’s fear of ideas, ongoing mainstream media lies, soul searching, why censorship is evil, the sociopatic elite, cloaked in altruism

11:50 Alien natures: biblical and epistemological, Tower of Babel, different languages and definitions, controlling definition is ‘case’, the Left is divorced from reality, Listen Little Man by Wilhelm Reich, no sympathy for the great man, Marxists against capitalism, red fascism and black fascism, hope springs from understanding

34:10 Optimism: the dangerous little man, misplaced trust, public opinion consists of unsound opinions, inability of converting ideas into action, plague ridden individuals, the necessity of free expression

47:55 Objectionable Objectivists: Harry Binswanger denounces Trump, Yaron Brook denounces Trump, Leonard Peikoff supports Trump, Ayn Rand supported patriotism-nation-sovereignty

59:42 END