678 – Topics


00:03 No news is mainstream news: U.S. election, foreign election interference, voters in the dark, Biden scandal avoided by mainstream media, Obamagate, Biden connections to China, Trump labels media criminals for not reporting Biden scandal, social media censorship, social media competition, implied contracts, platform or publisher, media failing the public, social media censorship is newsworthy, COVID-climate change-racism as mainstream themes, television as source of misinformation

11:10 Trump loves adversity: presidential debates, Trump loves adversity, fixing the election debates in favor of Biden, voter fraud, corrupt crony communism, this is a revolution, criminality of the media, Trump derangement media examples, Tallman supposedly religious, assertions against Trump without specifics, Clintons as sociopaths, Trump as moral and spiritual, Diane Francis against Trump, Twitter double standard, Twitter deletes Trump tweets on mail-in ballots

26:10 Who’s trustworthy? Kelly McParland’s appalling account of Trump’s appalling record of failure, emotional responses without substance, journalistic standards abandoned, Trump’s real record of success, Objectivist disconnect from politics, Trump’s foreign policy speeches, Nobel Peace Prize nominations, Trump a great listener, media narratives about Trump’s character do not reflect the reality, reminding the public that media is the most trustworthy news source, Trump pardons drug offenders, Trump deregulates America, Trump’s end-run exposure of fake media, effective communicator, necessary tweets, Twitter shutdowns, freedom of choice in education, Trump used hydroxychloroquine, personal experience with COVID-19

43:50 Trump supporters versus Biden supporters: psychology of Democrat voters, Biden’s corrupt history and destructive policies, immoral and amoral voters, sociopathic voters, the Left is a cult of death, fake news about Trump, Trump as a moral agent, voter ignorance about the issues and candidates, the media is the enemy of the people, hating Trump for being the good, difficult to spoof Biden, the hidden popularity of Trump

59:42 END