679 – Topics


00:03 Symbol of irrationality: turning oppression into custom, self inflicted submission, pandemic of fascism, stupid people, mandatory masking and seat belt laws, Aylmer freedom rally, National Post news report paid for by Canadian government, misrepresenting the statistics

14:40 Doctor doctor: Dr Wajid Ahmed, Dr Babak Amin, government ‘doctors’ preach obedience, real doctors discuss the medical and scientific facts, Ahmed objects to philosophy of freedom, Ahmed’s disrespectful and evil declarations, public health measures contradict the science, masking the truth with masks

36:25 Political distancing: Odessa Orowitz and Vancouver city council – no personal contact allowed, cases as basket cases, Dr Stephen Malthouse, open letter to Bonnie Henry, no pandemic, no second wave

50:20 State of health: no necessity for vaccines, dangers of flu vaccines, the arrogance of Dr Wajid Ahmed, nutty regulations followed by nutty people, unmasking the masquerade of COVID-19 propaganda

59:42 END