680 – Topics


00:03 Evidence and proof: purging the ballot, predicted election fraud, Trump’s win a landslide, Joe Biden is not president elect, mainstream media’s denial of indisputable evidence, court of public opinion versus real court, circumstantial evidence, massive election fraud, personal account of election night

11:55 Stealing elections in advance: early voting destroys democratic principles, Freedom Party, vote for candidate not the party, Georgia’s Vernon Jones – a small ‘d’ democrat, Scott Adams’ Why Trump Still Has The Advantage, Trump facing a revolution – not an election, Trump shifting issue from candidates to election system itself

26:20 Hammer and Scorecard: the mainstream media is itself evidence of fraud, icebergs of evidence, before it’s news, recount of votes validates Trump win, Hammer and Scorecard, Trump’s sting against the Democrats, mainstream media will deny and avoid all evidence of electoral fraud

51:10 Idea: America at the crossroads, America as the “only moral country in the history of the world”, America is an idea, planning for docility, hopelessness and intellectual stagnation, Democrats support Joseph Stalin on counting votes

59:42 END