681 – Topics


00:03 Free speech exodus: news alternatives, Trump’s allegations of election fraud, mainstream media denial of election fraud, abandonment of Fox News, only truth censored, examples of fake news propaganda against Trump – Larry Cornies – John Ivison, media as the enemy of the people, Donald Trump’s endorsement of Newsmax TV

19:55 Political mechanics: Unfortunate Truth About U.S. Voting Systems, Dr Shiva Ayyadural, Bennie Smith, Phil Evans, analysis of Michigan votes, Dominion voting machines, Michigan study of four precincts

31:40 Counting on fraud: Sidney Powell on ballot fraud, the real Trump landslide, Eric Coomer, Dominion Voting Systems Inc, explosive emerging evidence of deep election corruption, sworn affidavits

52:35 Election Integrity: Democratic resistance to ballot re-counts, Left opposed to voting accountability, all the ballot fraud favors Biden, mainstream media will not acknowledge the evidence, censorship, upcoming court challenges

59:42 END