682 – Topics


00:03 Herd any good ones lately? Ontario’s latest COVID lockdown, cases on rise, sickness and deaths negligible, herd immunity, herd stupidity, herd submission, lockdowns a lose-lose proposition, fascism as cure for virus

08:55 Fascist Ford: Christine Elliott’s immoral and unconscionable fascism, expansion of state powers as response to state failures, Elliott sacrificing Ontario’s health for political agenda, impossible to physically ‘transmit’ COVID-19, SARS CoV-2 virus no longer a pandemic threat, ‘cases’ rise due to faulty testing increases, intentionally inflating case numbers, safeguarding state institutions by killing the citizens, jailing healthy citizens, immoral prohibition of private gatherings, irrational and destructive edicts, Elliott a sociopath, Doug Ford as the ‘situation’, faulty priorities, deferring to health bureaucrats, Ford’s lies and misinformation, Ford contradicting himself, Ford’s darkest hour, Ford as agent of United Nations fascist agenda

38:50 F**k Ford: Ford never answers questions about COVID, micro-managing the business of others, Progressive Conservatives committed to violating life liberty and property, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever tells Ford f**k you, Ford’s hammer – and sickle, Ford fatigue, Ford’s abuse of authority

53:07 Kathy’s rant: constant COVID rule changes, masked shots, agenda beyond evil, Theresa Tam’s f**king mask mandates, irrational rules and regulations, reminded of Hitler youth, compromising our immune systems, Canada is communist, calling for a freedom revolution, Ford is a fascist

59:42 END