683 – Topics


00:03 Freedom rallies: fear is the virus, no rational explanations for lockdowns, inducing fear and panic, feedback on Ford, CTV news report on COVID stats, police crackdowns on protests against lockdowns, freedom rallies, anti-mask, Reopening Ontario Act, the Great Re-set, Adam Skelly’s barbecue protest

21:05 Sacrifice unmasked: altruism in action, sacrificing small business, Adam Skelly’s sacrifice, international nature of shutdowns, dangers of masking, studies confirming ineffectiveness of masks against SARS CoV-2, Dolores Cahill on masks and brain damage, investigative reporter Kevin Johnston, YouTube deletes Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson channel

34:30 Great Re-setup: altruism and virtue signaling, snitches, no rational arguments for lockdowns or wearing facemasks, COVID propaganda, the purpose of masks, the necessity of censorship in the COVID campaign, masks promote the false narrative, non-essential goods, WHO on lockdowns, hospitals not overwhelmed by COVID, tragic waste of resources over COVID, Klaus Schwab and the Great Re-set

50:20 Fear is the virus: millions enjoy obedience, principles of fear, forced vaccinations, fear mongering and the climate of fear, building civilizations, representation in a democracy, questioning authority before authority questions you

59:42 END