684 – Clips & Credits


(A) Logan’s Run 101 (Yes, you’re safe)
(B) Dan Dicks, Press For Truth, December 4 2020 (Operation Vector)
(C) Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, December 4 2020 (COVID camps)
(D) Polly St George, the Amazing Polly, November 30 2020 (The second guy)
(E) Sliders 504 (It’s my choice)
(F) Laura Ingraham, FOX News, December 2 2020, Prof Sucharit Bhakdi (Going to your doom)
(G) Frank Vaughan, December 3 2020 (Given up their life)
(H) Jubal Fresh, March 1 2020 (Stupid pandemic)

Hosted By: Bob Metz