684 – Topics


00:03 “Purifying fire of sacrifice”: psychological condition of mask wearers, purpose of masking is to advertise non-existent pandemic, Licia Corbella’s call for sacrifice, rights – responsibilities – freedom, failure to report the truth, rational self interest is virtuous, altruism and sacrifice are evil, right to assemble, freedom is essential, entitled to individual freedom, bacterial pneumonia, medical exemptions, attack on Christians, Martin Haalstra’s COVID ‘related’ death, knowing someone who died of COVID-19

20:05 Selfish altruists: planning COVID camps, vaccine rollout in Canada has begun as military operation, doctors warn against COVID vaccine, letters to the editor from selfish altruists, blinded by altruism, forced removal of mask would also be altruism, war mentality, refusal to think

42:20 The human sheep: standing up at the tone, herd instinct, group behaviour, acting without knowledge or purpose, the COVID sheep phenomenon, getting others to think, deferring to authority

50:40 Fearing the light of knowledge: COVID education and awareness, force and violence sold as education, fear of being challenged, the ‘bullying’ bull, pronouncing moral judgement, playing the shaming game, ignorance versus knowing things that ain’t so

59:42 END