685 – Topics


00:03 Heading off the resistance: Canadian rollout of COVID-19 vaccines begun, vaccine no means to end lockdowns and forced protocols, vaccines perpetually required, forced into the vaccine debate, Ask The Experts video production, Dr Andrew Kaufman, conflict between facts and reports by mainstream media, Dr Vernon Coleman, informed consent

12:55 Doctor doctor: doctors against COVID vaccine, Dr Kevin P Corbett, Dr Carrie Madej, journalist Senta Depuydt, the precautionary principle, Robert Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defence

35:50 Wave of false statistics: Second Wave Pounds Area says London Free Press, record numbers tested for COVID-19, adding insult to injury, Dr Sherri Tenpenny

50:05 Guinea pigs for the slaughter: using the general populace as experimental test subjects, Dr Mikael Nordfors, pharmacist Sandy Lunoe, government preparations for expected high volume of adverse drug reactions, COVID camps and the military, Dr Margareta Griesz-Brisson, the ethics of vaccination

59:42 END