687 – Topics


00:03 Moving on to a great awakening: thank you to our contributors and supporters, generating a great awakening about the Great Reset, Robert’s move to New Brunswick, COVID-19 just a bad cold, the Atlantic bubble has no cases, COVID protocols in New Brunswick, auto phone surveillance, Ontario’s latest lockdown, busy traffic on Christmas Day, Ontario propaganda campaign having an effect on people, good and evil, 2020 a year of epiphany, political history, politics is unavoidable, from libertarianism to freedom, examples of police violence and people treating others cruelly over masks, questioning the narrative

15:24 The loaded gun: disillusioned about human morality, degree of elitist evil is incomprehensible, internet has created a great public awakening about the elite, elite not affected by COVID rules, the role of knowledge in determining good and evil, courage versus fear, justifiable fear and unjustifiable fear, ignorance of the nature of government as being an instrument of force, sociopaths on the Left, vote is a loaded gun, the killing potential of voting, supporting current politicians is literally voting to kill others, moral dissonance, cognitive dissonance in politics, good and evil in context, doing evil for the greater good, creating crisis to allow elite destruction of life and humanity, the Left is a death cult, philosophy and the polarity of Left and Right, cognitive dissonance of the elite, ideal of the Left is to change human nature, ideal of the Right is to protect human nature and freedom

34:25 The dancing nurses: feedback from Anon, no patients in COVID outbreak ward, absurdity of what is happening, cognitive dissonance, the bird’s dilemma, the dancing nurses, Plato and Aristotle, the elite are Platonists, primacy of consciousness versus primacy of existence, United States founded by Aristotilian elite, putting individualism first, the death of America

48:46 Hands off the wheel: feedback from Doug in Japan, no lockdowns in Japan, near lifeless Ontario, pandemic trauma caused by lockdowns, Anglosphere the target of Agenda 21, Agenda 30, the globalist communist reset, COVID generation defined by COVID-19, the brownshirt media, great awakening dependent upon the emergence of a new and free media, watch you back, taking a risk for freedom of speech, our dangerous enemy

59:42 END