688 – Clips & Credits


(A) Sliders 403 (We need to do something)
(B) Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, December 29 2020 (Donald Trump’s election challenge)
(C) Dr Vernon Coleman, January 2 2021 (This is genocide)
(D) Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, December 29 2020, Denis Rancourt (A review of most recent scientific literature)
(E) Alex Jones, Info Wars, December 27 2020 (Essential understandings)
(F) Attorney Reiner Fullmich, October 27 2020 (COVID-19 crimes against humanity)
(G) Aleksandar Savic, PhDIIFEcHANNEL, October 13 2020 (What you remember)
(H) Andrew Rivers, November 15 2020 (Comedy is illegal in Seattle)

Hosted By: Bob Metz