688 – Topics


00:03 Realignment: the Great Reckoning, a realignment of reality with our perception of it, confronting human nature itself, the Great Reset and COVID-19, Chinese Communism, Canada’s Chinese connections, the three mindsets – the Great Reset – the Great Awakening – the Great Reckoning, U.S. election prospects

12:55 Emergence of evil: Dr Coleman’s great reckoning about the nature of people, stupidity and evil often indistinguishable, is obedience an act of evil, police abuse of power justified by lockdown rules, police abuse at Bontea parking lot, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever’s response to Bontea incident, Doug Ford’s unsupportable Ontario lockdown, Ford’s globalist agenda, Agenda 21 is the issue, COVID precautions all counter-productive

32:35 Re-defining the issue: from great awakenings to a great reckoning, the COVID-19 fraud, measures do not prevent deaths, transmission is not by contact, masks provide no benefit, vaccines are inherently dangerous, pandemic definition changed by WHO, significance of definition change as part of epistemological warfare, clearing the way to declaring a pandemic without having to demonstrate symptoms, epistemological fraud through definitions, vaccine agenda, serious side-effects of vaccines, vaccinated Tennessee nurse, comparative risks – flu versus vaccination, insult to injury – being vaccinated no relief from controls, a crime against humanity

49:10 How evil becomes the new normal: the nature of human beings, good or evil, conditions of good and evil, nature of living organisms, the power of reason, humans as knowledge-based creatures, natural state of freedom, drawing false conclusions about human nature under tyranny, power corrupts, power exercised through submission, criminalizing normal life-affirming actions, when evil becomes the new normal

59:42 END