689 – Topics


00:03 Storming the Capitol: insurrection in DC, not the darkest day, a brief history of occupying the Capitol, BLM and Antifa identified at event, narrative of storming illogical, faked guilt by association

13:10 Ballots or bullets: Trump’s speech, call for a peaceful walk to Capitol, removing Trump’s video from Twitter, media falsely blames Trump for inciting Capitol violence, social media censors Trump, Attempts to overturn Biden’s election, obvious election fraud, ballots or bullets – only two ways to change government, the elephant in the room – permanent electoral fraud, foreign intervention in US election

27:20 Speech impediments: General Flynn’s testimony, elite destroying a free nation, social media indispensable to discovering the truth, dismay about conservatives and Objectivists calling for nationalization of social media, free speech and private media, lawsuits against censorship, current regulations regarding identity – publisher or platform, deplatforming urls, Trump’s challenge in a censorship vacuum, Did Trump concede? an all or none game, the darkest day as the end of the United States, Trump just in the way

48:40 Echo chambers: threatening Parler’s platform, echo chamber only on the Left, Just Right’s suspension from CHRW Radio, social media censorship, America the the democratic crossroad

59:42 END