693 – Clips & Credits


(A) Castle 711 (Playing the C card)
(B) the Tipping Point, Scott McKay (Qanon)
(C) Frank Vaughan, February 7 2021 (Something weird in Washington)
(D) Amazing Polly, February 4 2021 (You say you want a revolution)
(E) Amazing Polly, February 4 2021 (Dave Cullen’s ‘Q’ attack)
(F) X22 Report #2394b, February 2 2021 (Impeachment countered by Constitution)
(G) IrOnbelly, Mike Lindell, February 5 2021 (Absolute proof of a cyber attack)
(H) mikeisfunny, Mike Baldwin, August 11 2020 (Don’t know what to believe)

Hosted By: Bob Metz