694 – Topics


00:03 Generic issue: rush to vaccinate, mainstream media vaccine propaganda, vaccines seen as bio-weapon, at war with China, cognitive dissonance about COVID-19, not one case of flu this season, no need for vaccines, government medical officials have no science or medicine backing their views, COVID concentration camps, quarantines of healthy people, vaccines are not vaccines but experimental generic therapy technologies, generic nature of ‘vaccines,’ dissenting medical opinions subjected to censorship

17:15 What if they gave a war and nobody noticed? coronavirus and vaccines as bio-weapons, Great Reset, Agenda 21, generic therapy technology as perfect binary weapon, Justin Trudeau as an agent of China, contrast between official medical establishment and real doctors, using guns to persuade and vaccinate

30:30 Permissive tyranny: shifting views on vaccines, health officials have no health solutions, attempts to ‘debunk’ the truth, vaccines considered deadly my many doctors, World Health Organization advises against lockdowns, people wearing masks are the ones getting sick, new fake strains of ‘covid’ already being invented, planning for permanent lockdowns, assuming consent based on advance announcements of tyranny, vaccines the reason tracing and tracking is necessary, no normal life allowed after everyone vaccinated

53:10 Chinese curse: ‘big pharma’ corrupt to the core, ‘big pharma’ has long history of corruption and censorship, vaccine philosophy faulty at core, ‘big pharma’ responsible for more deaths than lives saved, big pharma preventing effective coronavirus treatments and cures, urgency and rush to distribute vaccines, changing doses and frequencies based on supply, precautionary principle abandoned with vaccinations, “May you live in interesting times”, no informed consent on vaccinations, this is war