699 – Topics


00:03 Fact checking the fact-checkers: YouTube ban of Just Right video, stolen election a taboo subject, Just Right show on conservatism ‘COVID’ flagged by Facebook, Facebook fact check – COVID-19 Vaccines Are Not Weapons of Mass Destruction

11:05 Really fact up: demanding an investigation of vaccines, fact checking the fact check, denial, propaganda-censorship-fact checking, Dana Ford’s fake fact check, Agenda 21 and the Great Re-set, conspiracy theorists, destroying capitalism, Bill Gates and the global elite, Lead Stories debunks, the gun and the bullet, fact check is a lie, vaccines and wearing masks, deadly coincidences

37:55 Israel in lockdown: forced to take vaccines, health apartheid in Israel, desperate calls for help

51:45 Coincidences: growing vaccine deaths in Israel, Pfizer’s evil deal with Israel, government financial rewards for corona cases, how darkness works, the fear of those who are conscious, we are at war

59:42 END