700 – Topics


00:03 Vichy Canada: authoritarian local government, London Vichy mayor Ed Holder, the importance of history, Canadian parallels with Vichy France, Campaign Research-Federal Omnibus 2021, survey of Canadian attitudes, majority support for lockdowns and fascism, Campaign Research-Federal Omnibus 2021, majority of Canadians support COVID fascism, validity of surveys, People’s Party of Canada (PPC), nine percent of Canadians are against lockdowns, most revolutions and good governance originated from minorities, majority of Canadians are collaborators

15:55 Elitist agendas: a historical update on Vichy France, Vichy collaborators imprisoned and executed after war, Canadian government a parallel to Vichy France, elitist dictators of the world, Karl Marx’s philosophy spreads to China, Trudeau’s admiration of Chinese dictatorship, Chinese policies being entrenched in Canada, orchestrated global effort to take over control, history of tyranny in China, intentional famines in China and Ukraine, World Health Organization and Tedros, World Summit in Rio, ending capitalism, population control, climate change and CO2, mass migration to the West, no hidden conspiracies, televised conspiracies, announcing their communist intentions

30:40 United Nations against nations: Ayn Rand on the United Nations, giving communism an equal moral status, merely a difference of political opinion, declared goal is conquest of the world, Red China and Nationalist China, discovering the writings of Ayn Rand, religious conservative attitudes about Ayn Rand, The Great Reset, own nothing and be happy, testing Western values to the breaking point, all collectives run by a handful of individuals, collaborators operating in error

45:59 A minority view: Canada a microcosm of Western nations moving toward global communist state, communications in a controlled society, Trudeau is a collaborator, no escape from insanity of government restrictions, shortwave radio, podcasts, videos, getting intellectual ammunition to resist dictatorship, must get involved politically, we are the resistance, history lesson from Ayn Rand, history not ruled by chance and whim, the power of ideas, history is made by minorities, not quantity but quality of ideas is what counts, consistency the key to success, becoming like Victor Laszlo

59:42 END