701 – Topics


00:03 Just follow the money: causes of evil, understanding the nature of elitists, Club of Rome, David Korten, do-gooders, World Economic Forum, United Nations, appeasement and enablers, explicit intentions of evil people, A Theory of Community, the evil of all collectivism, totalitarian concepts, absurd hyperbole, Ayn Rand on money, the root of money, David Suzuki’s maggot, sociopaths, the tragedy of the commons, self-organization, controlled organization, implementing socialism incorrectly

15:35 Evil’s wish list: violence and force, stopping the use of plastic bags, major polluter is Communist China, providing more organic food options, all businesses owned collectively, ending war, incentivize the purchase of electric cars, providing a guaranteed income, faulty economics, accepting all migrants, no threat of environmental collapse, assuring every child is wanted, organ harvesting in China, China just like Nazi Germany, sociopathic ideology of population control, Club of Rome (1968), real enemy of mankind is humanity, Elon Musk

29:05 Evil do-gooders: Isabel Paterson on the Humanitarian with the Guillotine (1943), most of the harm in the world done by good people, ease of destruction, minority easily able to destroy majority, good people enabling evil, principles of humanity, principles stand the test of time, error in primary axioms, doing good to the nation, consent of the good, doing good to others as primary objective, conditions of the natural order, charity is selfish, subsistence as the end, the humanitarian in theory is the terrorist in action, no security from government, civilized behaviour condemns the use of force

48:35 We’ve been down this socio-path before: sociopaths push a philosophy harmful to individuals, the influence of intellects, Hegel, critical thinkers, failure of majority to act, minority leaders, sociopaths account for 2 percent of population, criminals – politicians – academics, evil requires consent, evil in a moral vacuum, M. Scott Peck, evil is live spelled backwards

59:42 END