703 – Topics


00:03 Fascist variants: palpable increase in fear, sampling of news propaganda, take first vaccine offered PM urges, Astrazenica conundrum, aboriginals leading by example, selfish anti-maskers, unacceptable vaccine rollout, stay out of hospitals, variant cases now dominate area, best chance to return to normal, no normal coming

16:35 More fascist variants: nationalizing healthcare, Doug Ford’s stay at home order, media calls for further lockdowns, exhausted over selfishness, protecting health care system, vaccination advisers insist on rapid doses, ‘variants’ of concern, Jane Sims’ support of tyranny, London mayor Ed Holder lights up for COVID

39:30 Billiard balls: London Free Press Nazi-like propaganda poster on safety of vaccines, Jane Sims’ Heather Locklear tyranny advocacy, herd immunity, our governments are terrorists

54:05 Killer vaccines: doing the Left thing, Facebook fact check on Vaccine victim, Facebook fact checks lying about safety and effectiveness of vaccines, doing what’s just right

59:42 END