704 – Topics


00:03 Offensively offended: University of Western Ontario’s Donald Welsh, comparisons to the Holocaust, B’Nai Brith Canada calls Holocaust comparison vile and false, refusal to learn from history, critics of Holocaust comparisons are the modern day fascists

15:00 The Ford Reich: Donald Trump and the COVID jabs, Ontario premier Doug Ford unlike Trump on COVID, Alex Jones calls Ford a ‘sack of garbage’, Doug Ford and his fascist state apparatus are repulsive, Ford not doing what’s necessary but doing what’s evil, Ford policies a parallel to Nazi Germany, Ford planning third wave of fascism

31:55 The second-hand smoking gun: Kelowna gym (Flow Academy) refuses applications from those vaccinated, CDC admits to not knowing how COVID spreads, Spanish flu (1919) experiments on flu transmissions, Dr Samantha Baily on influenza studies in 1919

53:30 State of covidiocy: spike protein gene therapy as a bio-weapon, ‘anti-vaccer’ is an anti-concept

59:42 END