706 – Topics


00:03 The 2006 pandemic: uncomfortable position, covid vaccines are a bio-weapon, no proof – just evidence, epistemology plus evidence, 2006 pandemic scaremongering, 2006 Liberal Party ad, Left Right and Center – May 2006, Jim Chapman, Jeff Schlemmer, Bob Metz, why a pandemic in 2006?, media makes money by scaring us, stress caused by worry worse for health than what is feared, no evidence of expected pandemic unless statistical, suspicious way to fund health care, impossible to prepare for pandemic, applied epistemology, common sense, all about definitions, most people still do not grasp definition of a case, pandemic distraction to get people to participate in dreadful experiment, dismissing the message by killing the messenger

19:10 The evidence-1: Agenda 21 and the Great Reset, covid statistical fraud, sterilization, evil corporate media, censorship, perpetual lies by politicians, closing small business, attacks on Christians and Jews, never-ending covid propaganda machine, militarization of vaccine deployments, establishment of covid camps, systemic nihilism, arrest and imprisonment of pastors, forced masking of healthy people, stolen US election, constant attacks on alternative media, communist and fascist leaders, sociopaths directing shutdowns, stated intentions of bio-weapon producers, admissions that ‘vaccines’ will not address covid, covid variants as propaganda, ignorance and terror, lowest covid cases in non-locked down states, failure to account for covid stats, police violence, collapse of hospitals, outright censorship of US president, pre-election announced intentions to steal election, outright banning of medical authorities, constant threat of fines and imprisonment for leaving home, irrational restrictions, cooperation of police with fascist laws, rewriting of history to create false narratives, fake covid tests, collusion with Chines and implementation of Chinese tyranny, scripted intentions followed

35:40 The evidence-2: informed consent, hypocritical way in which authorities treat protesters, growing reality that vaccine recipients may be the weapon, terrorizing the children, destruction of family unit, denial of facts, outlawing proven treatments, newspapers full of liars, using epistemology as weapon of destruction, changing definitions, no meaningful metrics, outrageous government spending, libeling and slandering outspoken individuals, fake fact checks by fake news media, using private business as fascist police, growing insistence on not using cash, covid passports, firing experience health care professionals who publicly speak, absence of liability for vaccine producers, thousands of adverse reactions to shots, failure to co-relate vaccines with rise in deaths, already announced intentions to continue lockdowns indefinitely, the zombies who live among us, urgency and speed over vaccines, political nature of pandemic, wanton destruction of economy and crony politics, purposeful killing of the aged, Facebook’s editorial intervention

52:45 Believing is seeing: human mind only capable of narrow focus, each piece of evidence a distraction from each of the others, John B Wells – information has outrun them, don’t wait to see it before you believe it, the follow the science propaganda, science and technology often applied to sinister purposes, from hearing to listening

59:42 END