709 – Topics


00:03 From May 8 1945 to May 8 2021: revisionist or corrective history, how did we get here, Charter of Rights and Freedom systematically abused by government, losing vs lost freedom, freedom of worship ended, churches shut down, public arrests of Christian pastors, May 8 commemoration VE celebration (Victory in Europe-1945), over 1000 in Victoria Park, airbrushed Canada’s history out of mind, war fought for freedom, from Remembrance Day to Forgettance Day, who won the war in 1945

11:32 Collective security and individual freedom: from victory to self defeat, now behaving like the enemy, freedoms constrained and snuffed out, for freedom or against oppression, popularity of fascism and collectivism, preferring security over freedom, freedom means the rights of the individual, a society of individuals, Christmas of 2019 was Canada’s last free Christmas, a lockdown without precedent in history, asserting individual rights now seen as criminal offence, virus is a pretext, creating fear to create longing of security, valuing security over freedom vs valuing freedom over security, defeating Hitler’s Germany, fighting a race-based ideology, critical race theory a mix of Marxism and Third Reich ideology, identity politics, belonging to a collective or class, asserting one’s right to live as an individual

30:50 Collective individualism: paradox of individual rights and individualism as collective and social concept, no sense of individual without a collective, emergence of individualism, religiously individualism emerges from Christianity, the collective defines how its individuals live, man emerges in nature as a collective, advance of technology and knowledge, from primitive civilization to modern civilization, becoming a thinking reflecting self-aware human being, no voluntary force without individual rights, Romeo and Juliette, Othello, crossing the collective line to individualism, free will, individualism emerged from the Enlightenment, questioning authority implies a challenge, cosmology challenges view of the universe, tension between individual and challenges to authority, arbiter of challenge is reality, reality must be explored before it is understood, seeing the same reality through different eyes, self awareness leads to the birth of individuality

43:00 Question authority before authority questions you: questioning authority is an eternal tension, COVID authority being questioned by individuals seeking rational explanations, when authority is responsive to being questioned you are in an open and enlightened society, democratic societies place individuals as basis of the authority, consenting to authority, God’s order to Adam in the Garden of Eden, no individualism in the Garden of Eden, the fruit of knowledge in the biblical narrative, knowledge of good and evil demands a choice, were we tossed out of paradise or into paradise, acceptance of the COVID authoritarians based on trust, questioning authority on the basis of knowledge, masking and social distancing ordered by authorities, individual authority against collective authority, bearing the consequences of choice, when choice is removed then totalitarianism exists, chipping away at the right of individual’s will, bearing the consequences of individual choice – responsibility, Roosevelt’s State of the Union message in January 1941, being prepared to defend freedom of speech and worship, freedom from want, freedom from fear, fear now the pretext by which freedom is abridged

59:42 END