710 – Topics


00:03 Tic Tac: UFOs are back on the public radar, U.S. Pentagon expected to release information about UFOs, Tic Tacs, National Post – Dec 21 2019

12:45 Inconsistent narratives: inconsistent UFO messages, Donald Trump’s space force, technological revolutions, Dick Tracy fantasy

25:32 Epistemological challenge: UFO discussions as major epistemological challenge, epistemology about validating knowledge, Daily Wire panel ill prepared to discuss UFOs

43:14 Exhibit Alien: emphasizing lack of knowledge on which to base opinion, arguing cross-purposes, claims of proof, the probability gap, definition of alien life, using evidence instead of proof, the binary question, attempting to take a centrist position on UFOs, proof of exo-planets followed knowledge of them, demanding knowledge of life origins before accepting its existence, religious dogma prevents rational discussion, identifying the unidentified is not a binary question, alien life on planet earth, phenomenon of official recognition, expectations of upcoming Pentagon announcement

59:42 END