711 – Topics


00:03 Animal farm hypocrisy: the arrest of PPC leader Maxime Bernier, ideological lockdown, a dark day in Canadian history, jailing of Christian pastors, leaders resisting lockdowns, leftists never arrested, no longer an advanced liberal democracy, Canada the most locked down in the world, mask mandate in New Brunswick, no conspiracy but a plan, hypocrisy variants, political crime, can Canada recover, a realized truth may turn things around, who writes the history books, papers of record, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom labeled ‘right wing,’ papers of record as a record of propaganda

13:20 Word weapons: Maxime Bernier’s weapon of words, officials terrified of words, fear is the weapon of the Left, New Brunswick’s Bill 54 proposes immunity for admittedly illegal law enforcers, admission of rights violations, Kevin J Johnston arrested without due process, fascist agenda, viral pandemic unsupportable by objective evidence, crimes against humanity, Nuremberg justice demanded, who the police never arrest, Muslims exempt from lockdowns and controls, rounding up Jews in Montreal, brownshirt thugs, country gone down the toilet

27:20 State of emergency: Ayn Rand on the ethics of emergencies, psychological effect of altruism, lack of self esteem, lack of respect for others, nightmare view of existence, a lethargic indifference to ethics, fear sells, creating a crisis, altruism destroys authentic benevolence, Western world since 1945, optimism and prosperity following greatest atrocities, the evil of collectivism, the China influence in Canada, no possible justifications for lockdowns, ignorance of viruses still in effect, the Spanish flu, psychopaths in control, gain of function as weapons, depopulation event

45:30 Left Right and always centered: Left Right and Center update, final program 268 is about the China menace and evil versus good, history of Just Right, dangers of upcoming censorship laws, dangerous times for truth tellers, government health advice consistently unhealthy, restricting store sales to essential goods, Facebook censorship, the importance of being right and not being ashamed of it

59:42 END