714 – Topics


00:03 Cancel culture: Canada Day, Independence Day, common British heritage, cancel culture, replace culture, cancel culture is Chinese communism, no voice on Right for Canadians, powerful voice on Right for Americans, blind to the tyranny, Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, national theories versus national practices

19:40 Cancel constitution: charter of prohibitions and restrictions, Thou shalt not: murder-steal-covet-bear false witness, collectivism based on: murdering-stealing-coveting-bearing false witness, futility of fighting for rights based on corrupt constitution, permanent state of fascism, stolen election in US, Trump confirms presidential decision, Right Side Broadcasting Network

38:43 Cancel critical race theory: Trump rally in Sarasota Florida, hateful Marxist critical race theory, Trump’s mixed messages on Covid vaccines and pandemic, election fraud

53:59 Cancel tyranny: Trump saving American democracy, continuing developments on election fraud, heightened contrast between Democrats and Republicans

59:42 END