715 – Topics


00:03 Conveniently forgotten: Dave Plumb author of Inconveniently Screwed, climate and Covid are parallel issues, people promoting both agendas cannot be trusted, Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth, politics versus the science of climate change, Antarctica’s grand ice canyons, thermal vents, inter-tropical convergence zone, northern and southern air masses do not mix, science abandoned in favor of political agenda, Venus was never like Earth, inverse square law, that’s BS – bad science

15:50 But facts do matter: why bother with facts if facts don’t matter, all is lost if facts don’t matter, public schools have indoctrinated an ignorance of the facts, social sciences and humanities are the source of climate change ignorance, a stupid electorate being openly lied to, countering the lies with facts, climate and Covid are complex issues, average person fails to investigate, Gwynn Dyer’s dire rants, Rossby Waves in Texas, Rossby waves caused by planetary rotation, tropopause boundary, multiple jetstreams, Conrad Black on following the science on Covid and climate change, not an expert but a scholar

33:10 From climate to Covid: opinions based on research, still learning and sharing knowledge, difficult to study SARS CoV-2 due to censorship, little censorship on climate change, controlling the media is controlling the message, Roman Baber’s letter to Ontario Premier Ford, hospital occupancy discrepancies, couldn’t get official data, bed shortages due to blocked beds, running hospitals near capacity is normal, shooting the messenger, hallway healthcare

47:00 Suspicious cases: Anonymous hospital insider, Covid cases rare in hospitals, vaccine cases not rare in hospitals, deaths caused by treatment not disease, convenient collectivist narrative, second dose patients showing up at hospitals, not permitted to discuss ‘vaccine,’ Mark Trozzi in Druthers, a ‘vaccine’ agenda overriding all considerations, perpetual vaccines and passports, lack of available data, unavailable suicide rate data, changing definitions of ‘case,’ population statistics remain steady

59:42 END