716 – Topics


00:03 The 2019 dip: tracking Covid cases and deaths, population dynamics, world population continues to grow despite pandemic, 222670 population increase per day, 2019 has dip in population growth, defining Covid cases and deaths, Covid related death stats no different than those caused by other viruses, PCR tests, cycle thresholds, 90% of positive cases carried no live virus, but facts don’t matter (12:00)

15:15 To vaccinate or not: vaccine choice, no objective purpose to experimental gene therapy, coercion as reason to take shots, insufficient time for proper clinical trials, clinical trials going on now, lockdowns planned for balance of trial period, no product liability with pharmaceutical shots, vaccine passports as vaccine threat, Nuremberg legal approach to future criminal trials, ADE – antibody dependent enhancement, VADE – vaccinated associated disease enhancement, pre-clinical trials on animals a failure, messenger RNA is a gene editing molecule, causes mutations, immunity caused by surviving viral exposure, waves of fascism, breakthrough infections as evidence of ineffective vaccines, facing fines for refusing vaccines, putting in time waiting to die, Robert Malone speaks against his own vaccine, Dr Michael Yeaden, masks to advertise pandemic (9:28)

28:55 Censored truths: the censorship alarm, avoiding the truth, no return to normal, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin discussion banned from media, scientific affirmation of alternate treatments, multiple testimonies of qualified doctors, turning immune system against itself, University of Michigan study, medicines created for other diseases effective for treating Covid, every road leads to vaccines, vaccine pushers tolerate no competition, an unprecedented fascist regime, facts expose the lies, the truth is about politics, censorship always applies to truth, the necessity and right of choice, door-to-door vaccinations, conspiracy theorist, fear of the vaccinated, natural immunity, Facebook censorship (11:45)

45:20 Unmasking intentions: masking most offensive, unmasking the mask realities, face rashes, child abuse, lab testing masks revealed eleven dangerous pathogens, masks incubate the SARS CoV-2 virus, masking children and adults, every official medical recommendation designed to make people sick, offending mask wearers, virtue signaling, compliance is the nature of fascism, people unaware of history, recognition of one of the stupidist populations, masking their real intentions – to destroy Western civilization, the New Left and the anti-industrial revolution, attacks on religion, repeating the facts, so fearful of dying now terrified of living, what happened to herd immunity, climate change lockdowns on the way (9:57)

59:42 END