718 – Topics


00:03 Focus on discrimination: Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever’s FPO position paper, outlaw vaccination discrimination, sudden and unexpected passing of Ted Harlson, focus on discrimination, principles of trade, private businesses discriminating on basis of vaccinations, government silence on business discrimination, evidence of not having vaccine, David Fisman, if immunity system is not broken don’t fix it

15:55 Who’s the referee? Ayn Rand, Walter Block, anarchism and libertarianism, economic inadequacy, mistreating people in a free trade environment, economic myopia, discrimination as the collectivization of people, herd mentality, social censorship, web of private fascist chaos, vaccine passport

31:00 The rational animal: End The Lockdown Caucus, Randy Hillier, masking requirements, Middlesex Health Unit discriminatory policy against unmasked, point of the law, a law of human beings and by human beings, the rational animal, rational faculty must be able to be used in trade, trade requires consent, dehumanization by collectivization, reason ejected, fear of liability

43:45 Ted talks: violation of others’ life liberty and property, viral load – trillions of viruses in each human body, necessity of human contact to spread viruses, lockdowns create harm, to be human is to be infected, delta variant, state of original sin, allowing businesses to dehumanize others, Ted Harlson remembered, Ted Harlson speaks on lockdowns, prolonging this pandemic, this homicidal PC government, just the beginning, lockdown is truly fascist, little fascists, living by permissions, Soviet Union as a command society, doorman authority, turning Ontario into a mass graveyard, Doug Ford’s cold water cure

59:42 END