725 – Topics


00:03 Passport to tyranny: mandated injections, medical malpractice, new normal, Great Re-set, death cult of the Left, Kristen Nagle and Canadian Frontline Nurses, the despicable Jane Sims, selfishness disguised as altruism, not ‘stubborn,’ attacking the messenger while avoiding the message

18:10 Moving the goal posts: vaccinated versus the unvaccinated, unconscionable comments of Diane Francis, changing definitions of being vaccinated, epistemological game of changing concepts

31:00 Misinformed consent: killing two to save one, no proof of ‘vaccine’ working, overwhelming evidence of vaccine failures and adverse reactions, placebo strategy, perpetual vaccinations, blood test horror story, vaccine victim testimony, no informed consent, blaming the unvaccinated, segregation tactic

46:10 Build back better: making sense of the contradictions, medical perspective, evidence in conflict with the narrative, build back better, vaccine passports, deep state of corruption, politicians never build – they destroy, breaking the Covid trance, truth kept silent

59:42 END