727 – Topics


00:03 Spectrum of haters: failure to accept reality of pandemic, hatred and intolerance from the Left, hate in the mainstream media, Canadian election results and the PPC, Selma Tobah hates the PPC and anything Right, pandemic measures steer voters towards PPC, guilt by association, all parties in legislature are racist, racism a symptom of the Left, free speech and building a climate of fear and frenzy, waves of misinformation, racialized Canadians, stomping out tolerance for the Right

23:40 Mightier than the sword: a command society, a society of permissions, avenues of action, re-opening of Ontario legislature, Randy Hillier accused of calling for violence, tar and feathering, words are not enough, calls for violence would be self-defeating, the Left considers words as violence

40:45 Infectious: lifejacket ethics, vaccine testimony, vaxxed man contracts Covid, vaccine contents a nightmare, people getting injected for political reasons, Justin Trudeau’s hate and intolerance

50:30 Protecting the pandemic: Trudeau’s hate rant unconcerned with health or safety, words not enough to describe the evil of Trudeau, globalism and hate, not hate but who is hated, hatred of the good for being the good, politicians looking for scapegoats on which to project their failures

59:42 END