729 – Topics


00:03 The rights argument: banning vaccination discrimination, private property rights, the Rights Argument – a Self-destruction perversion of rights, Freedom Party of Ontario, private property and fascism, pandemic shed light on the rights argument, five parts of the rights argument, rights existing independently of government or law, delegation of rights enforcement to government, Rousseau, power comes from delegation of defending life liberty property, government authority to violate rights, government denial of access based on collective identity

13:45 Jurisdictions in conflict – law and ethics: rights and discrimination, public space on private property, jurisdiction, source of rights, real rights are enforceable rights, legal rights versus natural rights, law is not about ethics, differing views of the purpose of law, emotional connection to rights argument, anarchic space, personal discrimination

28:45 Unnatural law: false assumptions about the nature of law, ‘my house my rules’, philosophical principles ignored by rights argument, racist discrimination, using the force of government to enforce collectivism, sexist discrimination, using state to enforce irrationality, social credit system, altruism is the ethical code of collectivism, using rights as a weapon against individual freedom, lizard hallucinations, crony politics drives the agendas, fascism a marriage of private property rights with the state, purpose of minimum wage laws, protectionism, workplace insurance boards, protection from justice, purpose of law to defend human nature, in accordance with reason

46:40 Blue shirt logic: discomfort over private property limits, blue shirt logic, demonstrable harm – not irrational fears, vaccination status not valid for discrimination, reasons matter, when open to the public be open to the public, reconsidering the rights argument

59:42 END