737 – Topics


00:03 Distinctions: in a world where words and definitions don’t matter, contradictions and lies, censorship, definitions as the software of the mind, finding ourselves in a field of contradiction, truth is the recognition of reality, truth and falsehoods rest on the truth or falsehood of definitions, definitions are contextual, the science of epistemology, Objectivist epistemology and concept formation, definitions are condensations of concepts, redefining Pluto as a non-planet, changing definitions – case – vaccine – herd immunity – virus – fully-vaxxed, BW-Before Woke, necessary distinctions

15:00 Age of disintegration: Leonard Peikoff’s DIM Hypothesis – Disintegration – Integration – Misintigration, disintegration is nihilism, working to destroy knowledge, reprogramming minds to accept unreality, gender dysphoria, changing definitions – freedom – rights – racism, the non-vaxxed, vaxxism, being forced to use the language of the enemy, world of confusion in which words mean nothing

32:20 Cultural disintegration: contradictions do not exist, integration without contradiction, contradictions reveal error, mass cognitive dissonance, using language to interpret reality, advance of knowledge, manipulated by words, multiculturalism is a contradiction, variant definitions, contradiction between multiculturalism and having no culture, definition of culture, definition of civilization, the Left is uncultured and uncivilized, progress, post-modern art, art as an ideal, turning out the light of Western culture

44:20 Not-so-Great Reset: reset is another term for violent revolution, Reopen Ontario Act keeps Ontario closed, those who destroy concepts are evil, tyrannies are all self destructive, the death cult of the Left in action, Great Reset, the power of language, artificial intelligence, smart phones and smart meters, technology for good or evil, the Left fears alternative viewpoints, collectivist concepts – human rights contracts individual rights, altruism appeals to dictators, sinister means left, history of left and right spectrum, epistemology a huge area of study, be skeptical

59:42 END