744 – Topics


00:03 Gunning for freedom: Ottawa truck convoy puts Canada on the map, expectations about government reactions, protests rarely change governments, Iranian example, people with the guns call the shots, our rulers are tyrants and psychopaths, waking up to how despicable our leaders can be, taking credit for changing course, values of protests – networking – outlet, dangers of complacency, waking up the Right about eternal vigilance, Right has nebulous idea of freedom, a moral case for rights, capital conservatives-liberals-libertarians, tyranny is popular in Canada, popularity of tyrannical leaders, media responsible for fascism

16:45 Meanstream media: Tristan Hopper’s analysis of Trucker’s convoy, unpopular proposals of Trucker’s convoy, provincial jurisdictions and lockdowns, punishing unvaxxed most popular policy in Canada, unique nature of convoy, mild-mannered Canadians, comparative protests – Left and Right, how tenacious and daring the Left are, freedom and white supremacy, Canadians not such a friendly bunch, Dave Rubin in Hamilton, Canada not the country most think

29:05 Safety first, freedom never: how hateful the Left is, Trudeau and Singh, New Brunswick media, calls for punishments towards non-vaccinated, quote from Adam Smith, twisting Right philosophies to justify tyranny, blaming the unvaccinated for all government actions, New Brunswick Times Journal editorial, National Post editorial by Tasha Kheriddin, Trump Derangement Syndrome, racist agenda, safety first, call for vaccine passports, sheer intolerance of pro-vaccers stands in contrast to the protesters, RINOs

45:35 Eh political: letter to editor, calls to cancel medicare cards without proof of vaccination, sinister and hateful Canadians, the power and influence of the Fourth Estate in perpetuating the Covid hoax, a-political politics, individuals advanced humanity, political ignorance, hating politics constructively, getting involved in the political party system, protesting not a hallmark of a free country – but a welcome event, Donald Trump’s praise of the Canadian Truck convoy

59:42 END