745 – Topics


00:03 Exposed: witness to grief, protest in Ottawa, personal knowledge of serious reactions to vaccines, elephant in the room, the hidden unspoken reasons, sinister nature of Canada’s elites, understanding Trudeau’s irrational statements, exposing Canada’s political reality, an epic event, no precedent, authoritarian and fascistic Canadian government, Canada a broken country, a complete absence of political leadership, Trudeau’s irrational reactions, Trudeau flees, Jagmeet Singh’s bizarre racist rhetoric

19:00 Trudeau’s missed opportunity: David Freiheit’s first-hand account of Ottawa protest, destroying the mean-stream media reports, rumours of using military or physical force against truckers, Trudeau’s missed opportunity, official opposition in lockstep with Liberals, Canada’s majority is socialist, getting the government we deserve

33:20 Hoax: plans to reduce mandates lack credibility, far left extremist racist Trudeau, mainstream parties have demonstrated no desire to listen to people, elites projecting their whims on to public, there is no freedom in Canada, Canada ruled by elite, Charter of Rights and Freedoms was a hoax, Brian Peckford’s mobility rights case, peace order and good government – an authoritarian formula, RCMP officer criticizes gender options in Canadian census, a progressive revolution to change our reality

54:00 Just a Trudope?: learning on line, collective power of alternate media, emotions are consequence of our thinking, not the reverse

59:42 END