748 – Topics


00:03 The fog of war: Ukraine a complex quagmire, Ukraine no innocent victim, constant stream of fake news, fictionalized Ukraine narrative, connecting the dots behind the Ukraine conflict, in the midst of the fog of war, false view of Ukraine promoted in fake news media, George Kennan on the beginning of a new cold war, NATO expansion, superficial and ill-informed concepts of Russia, Russia’s democracy, George Bush’s New World Order, New Liberal rule-based order, globalist agenda rejected by Russia-China-India-UAE, re-alignment over Ukraine crisis

17:00 Sphere of influence: great powers have their spheres of influence, the Munroe Doctrine, the Cuban missile crisis, Kennedy uses Munroe Doctrine, American (NATO) placement of missiles in Turkey, East rejects communism while West adopts it

28:40 Political playground: Ukraine as the playground of globalists, Pelosi-Biden-Kerry-Romney deeply immersed with Ukranian corruption, targeting Trump, expanding NATO into Moscow’s sphere of influence, Obama administration, Hillary Clinton presents the Great Re-set to Sergey Lavrov, China’s role, failing to help China become a liberal democracy through economic mechanism, reality of Russian interests is opposite of state media narrative, Hillary’s money laundering schemes, deeply compromised deep state members, using Ukraine to humiliate Moscow, no issue over Ukraine during Trump years, deep state makes Ukraine its weapon against Trump, Zelensky and Burisma, Ukraine as justification for Trump impeachment, Biden boasts about his corruption, Biden’s return initiates Ukraine crisis

48:45 Biden’s achievements: abandoned Afghanistan, handed Afghanistan to the Taliban, Afghanistan the signal to the world about Biden’s weakness, mainstream media creating a fog of war, Russia captures bio-weapon targets, the de-Nazification of Ukraine, pro-Nazis became pro-globalists, Zelensky and Putin in talks for a ceasefire, Biden insists that only Washington has authority to negotiate Ukrainian interests, Kira Ruduk on New World Order

59:42 END