750 – Topics


00:03 Media malfeasance: journalistic malfeasance, fake news fills our papers, dishonorable media, litany of fake issues, Ukraine and Putin on world stage, Covid is still on the state agenda

14:20 Journalistic excrement: fake news denies existence of Ukrainian bio-labs, National Post-Sarah Knapton’s shameful denial of reality, Gwynne Dyer’s is always wrong all the time, Gwynne Dyer’s magical thinking is journalistic mysticism, Dyer confirms the truth by lying, incompetent journalists, Tucker Carlson and Qanon, the X22 Report, going down the ‘rabbit hole’

34:35 Strange bedfellows: X22 on China and Taiwan, expectations of Taiwan invasion, transferring the virus from Ukraine to Wuhan, Donald Trump on Ukraine and Biden

47:10 The moral dimension: transferring hate from Covid to Ukraine, people who are good or evil, the good is not intrinsic, good and evil apply to ideas and actions, altruism and the suffering of others, government is a gun, will suspension of consciousness, semi-embalmed

59:42 END