751 – Topics


00:03 Russian to conclusions: Russian to collusion, a brief history of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, gulag system, The Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn on Putin, personal connections to Ukraine and Russian gulags, can’t hate Russians, collectivist thinking the real killer, Ayn Rand born in Russia, banning of political opposition in Ukraine, truth as propaganda

19:10 Moral hesitancy: avoiding moral judgements, right wrong and justifiable, analyzing Ukraine in a moral vacuum, silenced by the fog of war, competing interests, fear of being wrong, infallibility as an unacheivable standard, Western governments and media lie – about everything, moral hesitancy based on misunderstanding of force, sacrifice to evil, retaliatory force is the force of justice

40:10 Promises promises: Klaus Schwabb’s futurist fantasy, controlling the narrative, ends and means, present company accepted, the future never arrives, Klaus Schwabb’s contradictory narrative, future promises for present sacrifice

52:53 Freedom first: Ukraine is not a democracy, legitimate elections overturned in Ukraine, impossible to vote ourselves out of tyranny, we become a democracy by first becoming a free society, Alex Jones on plot to assassinate Biden

59:42 END