752 – Topics


00:03 Love of truth: feedback on Ukraine, fake news narratives, National Post misinformation on Ukraine, fake news self-contradicting, lost on Ukraine, justifiable actions, disgusting love of Putin, love of truth, NATO – theory vs practice, lack of specifics in official narratives

21:50 Warp driven: do your own research, Lise Ravary’s journalistic excrement, attacking messengers and never the message, stupid and dishonest, the extreme right is just right

42:50 Putin’s quagmire: stereotypical Russian, justifiable violence, anti-Russian hate expressed in letters to editor, barring all Russians, participating in injustice, Russia’s improving economy under Putin – 1999-2013, our refusal to sacrifice the truth

53:00 Truth to freedom: our irrational and emotional era, Western world’s skewed image of Russia, motivated by truth

59:42 END