754 – Topics


00:03 Party ‘X’: Mark Pellegrino: acting credits, Objectivism and Objectivists, American Capitalist Party, creating a freedom choice at the polls, two party system, Ayn Rand’s Just Suppose (1962) a party ‘x’, Rand’s political preferences, Reality Check on illusion of two party system, collectivist vs individualist way is the polarity in politics, political vacuum, Left’s horror politics of last six years, third party options invite attacks of establishment parties, political machines are corrupt systems, Canadian politics – People’s Party of Canada under Maxime Bernier, Freedom Party of Ontario and Objectivism, Capitalist Party versus a Freedom Party, freedom is a corollary, The Virtue of Selfishness, capitalism an invention of Marxism, capitalism and morality, conversation starter, antagonizing people with the concept of capitalism, definition of ‘selfishness’ responsible for the arrested moral development of mankind, disagreement among Objectivists

17:30 Why we’re losing: Ted Harlson’s introduction of Dr Yaron Brook at May 6 2013 Toronto Freedom Party event, the great mystery of capitalism – why we’re losing, statism on the rise, freedom and capitalism being rejected, American history one of government growth with no de-regulation ever, capitalism in decline, capitalism greatest system in human history, poverty was previously the default of existence, America as a third-rate colony, poverty destruction and death are the consequences of socialism, self-evident that capitalism works, reality history facts and theories on the side of capitalism, public’s automatic hatred of capitalism, why a marketplace, guilt about making money, capitalism means freedom from coercion

33:40 Happy: Mark Pellegrino: distinctions between Capitalist Party and Libertarian Party, Canadian libertarian big tent parties include anarcho-capitalists, socialists, anti-establishmentarians, disaffected conservatives and liberals – all anarchist, superficial view of government – less is better, libertarians reject objective universal morality, libertarians resist being told that there are means of determining values, Yaron Brook: morality says your life is your own; the needs of others are not a claim on you, no capitalism under a system where one’s life is owned by another, capitalism is about self-interest, selflessness versus sacrifice, capitalism considered as ‘selfish’ which is considered evil, selflessness consistent with tyranny, values emerge from reason, cultivate your mind and rationality, morality about how to pursue self-interest, self-esteem from achievement, without self-esteem one cannot be happy

50:15 Art and life: Mark Pellegrino: does art imitate life, reality worse than horror fiction, culture the sum of a group’s knowledge-ethics-creativity, film reflects cultural trends, academics drive the culture, Hollywood incapable of driving anything, evil portrayed well on screen, freedom not portrayed well on screen, new version of Atlas Shrugged in production, Steve Ditko’s Mr A

59:42 END