755 – Clips & Credits


(A) The Newsroom 101 (Frame the debate)
(B) X22 Report, April 14 2022 (Elon Musk and Twitter)
(C) the Rageaholic, April 15 2022 (Skeptical on Musk)
(D) Alex Jones, April 14 2022, (Musk the patriot)
(E) The Newsroom 101 (Informed electorate)
(F) X22 Report, April 16 2022, Jordan Sather (Warming up to Musk)
(G) Press For Truth, Dan Dicks, April 16 2022 (Privatize everything)
(H) Hogan’s Heroes 416 (Making it up anyway)

insert-B1 Elon Musk (Tax carbon)
insert-B2 Elon Musk (Invest in solar)
insert-B3 Elon Musk (Tax cigarettes and alcohol)
insert-B4 MSNBC, Mika Brezezinski (Controlling what people think is our job)

Hosted By: Bob Metz