756 – Topics


00:03 A thousand words: Canada’s Democracy Fund, lost job at Daily Telegraph, themes of civil liberties – human rights – censorship – free speech, pushing the vaccine, losing security and gaining freedom, independence both liberating and scary, problems with brand affiliation, positive development in growth of independent media platforms

18:30 Art of awareness: hydroxychloroquine still unmentionable, truth and narratives, censorship as good as guilty plea, convictions in the court of public opinion, political cartoons threaten tyrants, power of a political cartoon, black face Trudeau a perfect symbol of hypocrisy, why Trudeau is and isn’t a racist

31:05 Embracing tyranny: Ukranian flag and Klaus Schwabb, cognitive dissonance among the awake on Ukraine, government murdering their own citizens, collapse of principles, accidental hypocrisy, psychological torture, no room for exaggeration, absurdity lost in the reality, how few there are on the side of Right

45:50 Family values: family gathering restrictions, exceptionally troubling rules, fundamental moral truths, state intrusions into most intimate parts of human relationships, the power of political cartoons, targeting the children, cult of wearing masks, shouldering children with responsibility of protecting adults, making people think

59:42 END